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By profession, I am an Electronics Engineer with a degree from Mississippi State University. I am 53 years old and live in southern California. Having lived in the Southwest for many years (Arizona, New Mexico and California) I grew to appreciate the beauty of mountains and the vast natural look of the west. I guess I fell in love with mountains when I lived in southeastern Ohio at about eleven years of age. There, the rolling hills with buckeye trees and streams were where I would often spend my days in the summer. I have done photography as a hobby for many years and can now combine that medium with the computer and do photo re-touching. I use programs like Vista Pro to create senic pictures. Even though the computer renders the picture, I use my vision to get what I want or at least what I think looks good. This means rejecting many renderings while I change colors, re-locate the camera and target positions etc. One picture can take many hours to do, some up to 20 hours. All of us have some small talents and a lucky few have a lot of talent at something. Whatever you have, explore as far as you can and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish. This is what I do, even though it can be a struggle at times. I also enjoy MIDI music and you will find some of my favorites on my MIDI page. I have re-mixed many of these to improve the way they sound. The process of sequencing these songs takes more talent than I possess. The only song here that I did is Night in Japan. I hope you enjoy the art and music here, if you have a comment feel free to drop me an e-mail.

Ron Lashley