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I down load and often re-mix Midi Music.

I use a Yamaha XG sound card which is one of the better cards available.  Yamaha has a great soft synth
available that turns any sound card into an XG sound card.  Go to their Virtual store and buy it if you want
to hear the great sounds.  This is in England so you purchase it with a credit card and download to your
computer.  Choose either the S-YXG50 or 100 for the best performance.  Read the computer requirements
first.   I get nothing from this except your satisfaction.

Note that XG files may not sound right on other sound cards.                    Yamaha Store

Re-mixing consists of :

I use XGedit,  XGgold, MidiSoft Studio 6.0, and a Midi keyboard.

To Download these MIDI songs
Right Click on the Song name then choose "Save Target As"

Here are some of my favorite Midi Songs

Favorite Midi Songs