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All the images here were created on the computer using programs such as Vista
Pro 4,Bryce 3 and Fractal Painter. In most cases they will seem like photos. I hope
you enjoy them. I would like to hear from you. Click on an image to see the larger
version.  Images may be downloaded for personal use only.

All Images are copyright 1997 thru 2001 by Ron Lashley.

       This site is best viewed at 1024x 768 or higher resolution.          

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Vista Pro 4   Vista Pro 4   Bryce art
Vistapro art   Vistapro art   Vistapro art
     Painter art   Vistapro art       Painter art
 Vistapro art  Bryce art   Vistapro art
     Micrografx Designer art      Painter art Vista Pro art       Micrografx Designer art
 Painter art      Micrografx Designer art Painter art  Vistapro art
Bryce art  Bryce art Vista Pro 4    Bryce art
 Vistapro art   Painter art    Pict. Publisher & Painter



                         Ron Lashley: